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Yesterday I went to a little concert of Ben Sollee (30 people; living room atmosphere). 
When we got there we had to wait for tickets because they were sold out.
While we sat there waiting and giving up, the waitress came to our table and told us that Ben would come over because he wanted to eat before the show - and the only free chairs were at our table.
So, as if it would be perfectly normal, he sat in front of us, introduced himself and talked to us, asked us questions and we had a great short time. 
I mean, I always watch great musicians from Kentucky eat their Chili in front of me, so I wasn’t nervous at all. And this whole speaking-english-in-real-life-thing is totally normal, too for me (not).

Then we got our tickets and the evening couldn’t be any better.
His concert was unbelievable. He is such a genuine, nice, funny guy and his anecdotes were great! His cello skills are by far the best I have heard so far.
One of his anecdotes was even a reference to my friend and I.
Well, at the end he sad for like 4 times “Okay, this is the last song”, “Who cares, one more, because I’m having a great time!” - god, he should have never stopped, though!

Now I have picture, a conversation to remember, and a signed cd for me to keep and I can only recommend Ben Sollee to all of you!

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