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Oh man.
After all my motivational speeches I still can’t seem to keep my diet in check. This might be due to having my period, but I can’t make myself victim to my hormones :(
I just don’t seem to have any discipline.
I’ll be honest:
I weighed myself this morning (before breakfast and after the toilet of course) and I literally jumped of the scale seeing that I was over 90 again! How on earth could I let this happen?!
I need to take care of myself again and start making choices instead of stuffing myself with everything tasty.
As of last week I don’t drink alcohol anymore. I never drank regularly but I just don’t feel comfortable after consuming alcohol or other drugs. I wouldn’t call it straight-edge, as I haven’t informed myself enough about it and it feels kinda sekt-ish (no offense).
Well thats an update I’d say ;)

On another note: I purchased the coolest shoes today for 2€ wich originally cost 45€ thanks tkmaxx and thank you life

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I finally went to the gym yesterday. Yes, that much time went by since the update and me being motivated and shitting myself again.
We had to go really early because I was still too ashamed.
Well noooow I have the worst muscle ache ever.
But it’s worth it! Believe me or not but after ca. 4 months without training I was still possible to use the same weights!
Motivation strikes! Hope it lasts till I’m not sore anymore!
Whooo yeah!

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